David Jackson, Executive Director

David Jackson is the Executive Director of the CRA and two Municipal Services Taxiing Units (MSTUs). David came to Collier County in 2005 after spending seven years working in the field of redevelopment in Panama City Florida where he had his own business for several years. Since David came to the helm, the CRA grew from a staff of one to five. Under David’s direction the CRA has awarded an average of 1.5 site improvement grants per month and seventeen blighted properties have been purchased for redevelopment. Contact David if you would like to discuss any of the work of the CRA.


Jean Jourdan, Project Manager

Jean Jourdan came on board in 2006 as the first project manager for the CRA. Ms. Jourdan has over 20 years of experience in Collier County, having worked for the Property Appraiser, Real Property, and Comprehensive Planning Department. Jean has ably served the CRA by revising the Land Development Code for the Zoning Overlay, acquiring blighted properties for redevelopment, and crafting grant programs administered by the CRA. Contact Jean if you have any questions about projects in the area.


Sue Trone, Project Manager

Sue Trone joined the CRA in May of 2007 and current serves as Project Manager. Redevelopment has been an interest of Sue’s for many years.  Prior to joining the CRA she was a Community Development Volunteer in the Peace Corps where she served in a former Soviet Republic as part of her course work in Urban Planning at Florida State University. Sue is responsible for marketing the CRA through the newsletter and the website. She also manages CRA grants and Gateway Triangle stormwater issues. She also works with Brownfields and environmental issues and performs all GIS-based analysis in the office. Contact Sue if you have any questions about grants or general activities in the area.


David Buchheit, Beautification MSTU Project Manager

David served as Neighborhood Traffic Management and Pathways Project Manager for Collier County Transportation Division performing studies and analyses on bicycle and pedestrian mobility throughout the county.  He came to the CRA to manage the Bayshore Beautification MSTU Master Plan that will be completed by October 2010.  Click here to Contact David


Ashley Caserta, Grants Coordinator

Ashley earned a Bachelors Degree in Urban Planning from the University of Cincinnati, and served as Senior Planner for the Collier County Growth Management Division.  Ashley manages all CRA-specific grant programs, researches and applies for State and Federal grants that will assis in the accomplishment of the CRA mission and leverages CRA funding.  Click here to Contact Ashley

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