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Debrah Forester, Bayshore and Immokalee CRA Director

Debrah Forester, CRA Director

Debrah Forester, CRA Director, joined the Collier County team in July 2017 as the Collier County Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) Director, overseeing the the Bayshore Gateway Triangle CRA. Debrah is a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) and is certified as a Redevelopment Administrator by Florida Redevelopment Association. Ms. Forester has over 25 years of experience in redevelopment, economic development and comprehensive planning. Debrah previously worked in Collier County from 1995 to 2001 and facilitated the creation of the Collier County CRA. Debrah has a Masters Degree in Regional Planning from University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

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Phone: (Bayshore Office) 239-252-8846

Tami Scott, Bayshore CRA Project Manager

Tami Scott, Bayshore CRA Project Manager

Tami Scott, Senior Project Manager, joined the Bayshore Gateway Triangle CRA team in 2017. Tami’s primary role is to manage and facilitate construction projects within BGTCRA such as the recently completed Karen Drive stormwater project,
Gordon Avenue Fire Suppression project and the Thomasson Drive streetscape project that will include Collier County’s first roundabout. Tami has 25 plus years’ experience in construction, design and project management. She has worked on varies construction projects with architectural firms in New England, Hawaii and Cayman Islands. Tami is a member of the American Institute of Architects, Royal Institute of British Architects, American Institute of Building Designers and is a licensed contractor.

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Phone: (Bayshore Office) (239) 252-8845

Shirley Garcia, CRA Director

Shirley Garcia, Operations Coordinator

Shirley Garcia, Operations Coordinator, started working for Collier County in 2005 with the Code Enforcement Department Division as an administrative secretary and advanced to a Code Investigator. Shirley has worked for four years with the Bayshore CRA as Operations Coordinator. Her duties include fiscal and administrative functions for the office including administrative tasks associated with advisory boards. She also provides information to the general public regarding CRA codes and programs and coordinates the maintenance of CRA properties, Bayshore Beautification MSTU and Haldemen Creek MSTU improvements. Shirley has a Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies from Hodges University and is a certified Florida, Notary Public (Commission Expires January 2022).

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Phone: (Bayshore Office) (239) 252-8844