All grant applications must be reviewed and recommended for approval by the Local Redevelopment Advisory Board and approved by the Board of County Commissioners, acting as the Collier County Community Redevelopment Agency. All approvals must be in place prior to any work commencing. Funds are reimbursable to the applicant after the project is completed. Please review the applications for specific criteria:

CRA Commercial Improvement Grants:

The grant provides partial reimbursement for exterior and interior improvements to commercial buildings with the Bayshore Gateway Triangle CRA. Exterior Improvement grants are available up to $30,000 and Interior Improvements up to $20,000. Both require a 50% match from the owner

View Application

CRA Residential Grants:

The CRA offers a variety of grants to improve the exterior conditions for residential properties.

  • Site Improvement Grant – provides up to $8,000 funds to improve residential structures both owner and rental occupied. Mobile Homes do not qualify. Improvements must be visible from the public right-of-way. There is a 67% match required by the applicant. View Application
  • Shoreline Stabilization Grant – provides up to $5,000 for properties located within the CRA and Haldeman Creek MSTU Boundaries. There is a 50% required by the applicant. View Application
  • Sweat Equity Grant provides up to $1,000 for the purchase of materials, landscaping is not eligible. Improvements must be visible from the public right of way. No match required. This grant has 2 funding cycles. Applications will be received beginning May 1, 2020 through July 31. The second cycle, if funds are available runs October 1 – December 30. View Application
  • Landscape Improvement Grant program (LIG) provides up to $2500 for Florida-Friendly landscape improvements. There is a 50% match required by the applicant. View Application

For more information and details on availability of funding and requirements, please contact the CRA Office.