The CRA construction Phase I of the pond was awarded to D. N. Higgins Construction Company for $1.04M, and completed in 2008. In January 2007 the CRA donated $529,000 to the County to assist in the purchase of additional 1.58 acres of land for future expansion of the pond.


Phase II of the Pond’s construction includes three hydraulic pumps, expansion of the pond’s footprint by 1.5 acres, two outfall points on the bay with associated piping to get the water from the pond to the bay. There will be two primary pumps and one back-up pump, underground pipes along Linwood Ave and Commercial Drive that lead to the bay south of US41 and north of Davis Blvd. The County Stormwater Department has scheduled to release the construction bid in October 2009 with plans to have a contractor selected by December 2009. The work is estimated to take 12 months to complete.Triangle Stormwater Pond: A Neighborhood Amenity.

The CRA recognized the opportunity the pond presents as a potential amenity for the area. Constructing a path along the berm of the pond can improve the experience of walking in the area for locals. Based on feedback from the public, the key is finding a balance between constructing the pathway and ensuring local safety. A conceptual design with various alternatives was completed. After completion of the Pond’s Phase II, funding will be sought to construct the pathway.