Haldeman Creek MSTU Reaches Out to Community:
Neglected Channel Markers Get Badly-Needed TLC


The mandate of the Haldeman Creek MSTU is to fund the dredging of the waterway and maintain the nine channel markers within the boundary. When the CRA office began administering this MSTU, the advisory committee requested that staff research cost-effective ways to address two outstanding issues related to channel marker maintenance: 1) Replacement of Channel Marker # 13 and 2) Wrapping the poles of each channel marker.

A couple years ago Channel Marker # 13 was knocked down. The Creek was missing this marker for more than a year. Work estimates were obtained from marine contractors for the replacement of the channel marker, but the estimates were for nearly $3,000 with potentially additional costs—an amount the advisory committee deemed a poor use of tax dollars in light of the fact that funds need to be amassed for a future dredge. To find a more cost-effective means for the channel marker replacement, staff teamed up with Collier County Coastal Zone Management which replaced the pole last September during its annual inventory activities for the price of $1,401.92.

The Haldeman Creek MSTU followed up the replacement of Channel Marker # 13 with the wrapping of all poles in the creek under the MSTU’s jurisdiction. All poles are now wrapped in polyurethane wrap, secured with stainless steel nails spaced 2-inches apart and UV-resistant zip-ties. The MSTU Advisory Committee expects this one effort will extend the life of the poles and bring a cost-savings to property owners in the MSTU.