Haldeman Creek MSTU

About Haldeman Creek MSTU

Vision Statement

To have Haldeman Creek and adjoining waterways recognized as a well-maintained, navigable, clean waterway, and to be a good partner with adjoining waterways.

Mission Statement

To provide oversight, direction, structure, and work programs to maintain and improve the Haldeman Creek waterway system.


  1. Make and Keep Haldeman Creek waterways navigable.
  2.  Provide millage oversight.
  3.  As an advisory committee, ensure equal representation of MSTU constituents from all regions of the MSTU area.
  4. Find a way to get agencies that already exist energized to work on Haldeman Creek’s maintenance-related items and not supplant another agency’s work.
  5.  Make and keep Haldeman Creek waterways clean and safe.
  6.  To occasionally review and revise the goals and objectives of the MSTU to reflect the priorities of its constituents and recommend updates to the enabling ordinance as necessary.
  7.  To develop partnerships with other organizations with compatible goals and organizations to strengthen its capacity to realize its vision.

The Haldeman Creek Municipal Service Taxing Unit area has been fully embraced by the wonderful community organization known as Keep Collier Beautiful. This is a fully volunteer organization that looks out for all of Collier County and is a local affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, Inc.  The organization works closely with Collier County’s Solid Waste Management Department to support bi-annual cleanup activities.

This event is scheduled every year, so mark your calendar for April and check our web-site for updates.