Haldeman Creek MSTU

Letter from the Haldeman Creek MSTU Advisory Committee Chair

Welcome to all who own property along Haldeman Creek or one of the adjoining canals. Also I welcome everyone who uses this magnificent waterway for boating, kayaking or canoeing and encourage your safe and respectful use of this waterway.

As Chairman of the Haldeman Creek Dredging MSTU Advisory Committee, I sit with four other dedicated MSTU taxpayers to oversee your tax dollars that are collected to dredge the Creek and canals in an estimated 20-25 years in the future as well as maintain the navigation channel markers. In 2009 we completed a rock coring survey and in 2010 we replaced one navigational pole and two marker signs. Currently we are proceeding with a small project to wrap the poles to increase their longevity.

Currently the committee is increasing its focus on preventative items such as ‘unwanted silting from storm water runoff,’ ‘trash and debris infiltration,’ and ‘vegetation growth that is starting to block safe passage on some canals.’  Of course, managing the tax rate to insure funds for a far in the future dredging project is an important and ongoing process. We welcome participants at our monthly meetings and I hope to see you there and share thoughts and ideas to keep our waterway clean and navigable.

Roy Wilson

Haldeman Creek Dredging MSTU Advisory Committee Chairman