CRA Projects

Fire Suppression

The Bayshore Gateway Triangle CRA (BGTCRA) is located on the periphery of the City of Naples water service area and has historically experienced low water flow and pressure conditions. A study prepared in 2016 reviewed the existing water system in the CRA and identified potential improvements to increase levels of fire protection. The study provided a multi-phase approach to complete the estimated a total of $5.3 million in necessary improvements to upgrade existing water lines and install new and/or upgrade fire hydrants throughout the area. The project has been divided into phases due to size and cost of the improvements. The City of Naples Utilities Department is partnering with the CRA to provide in-house design services, construction management and capital funds.

Phase 1 CDBG Grant Award was completed in April 2018 with the assistance of a $330,000 CDBG grant and $190,282 contribution by the City of Naples. Phase 1 improvements were completed along Gordon Avenue, Collee Court, and Peter Drive.

Phase 2 CDBG Grant Award – In 2018, the Bayshore Gateway Triangle CRA was awarded $227,960 and $352,000 contribution by the City of Naples. This project included waterline replacement and installation of fire hydrants along Becca Avenue and Pine Street. Construction was completed August 2020. Road Maintenance provided assistance by resurfacing ahead of schedule Becca Avenue and Pine Street.

Phase 3 CDBG Grant Award – Now that the new waterlines within the neighborhood have been installed, final connection of the new waterlines to the existing main water line is required. The main water line is located beneath Bayshore Drive.  To safely make the new connection, temporary lane closures are required.  Lane Closures will begin on May 10, 2021 at approximately 10:00 a.m. and is estimated to be completed within 14 to 18 days.  Detour signs will be posted. This connection will be completed in two phases:  Phase 1 will impact Coco Avenue and Bayshore Drive and Phase 2 will impact Areca Avenue and Bayshore Drive.  Each phase will take approximately 7 days and will shut down the street to local traffic.

Phase 1 – Starting May 10th crews will be working in the north bound Lanes of Bayshore Drive at the intersection of Coco Avenue.  Coco Avenue residents or visitors will need to use Areca Avenue to gain access to Coco Avenue.  Once Phase 1 is completed, the construction team will start Phase 2.

Phase 2 – Areca Avenue residents and visitors will use Coco Avenue to access Areca Avenue.  Exact date of Phase 2 commencement will be announced.

Please click on the link to read more about the required road closure. 5-5-2021 road closure-Fire Suppression Phase 3 Road Closure Notice -DF-TSF-TS