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Regulatory Changes

To further implement the Community Redevelopment Plan, the CRA received approval from the CRA Board in 2019 to move forward with changes to the Comprehensive Plan and the Land Development Code. Since the first public meeting in October 2019, the BGTCRA Advisory Board, CRA staff, Growth Management staff have continued to review and draft changes to meet the intent of the redevelopment plan.  On January 11, 2021 the updates to the proposed LDC drafts were presented at the CRA Advisory Board meeting, where staff received direction to move forward with the LDC and Growth Management Plan (GMP) amendment review process.

The CRA is processing two regulatory changes:

  1. Amendment to the Future Land Use Element regarding Bonus Density Pool. The amendment requires two Board of County Commissioners action. Transmittal to the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity for review and comment and then a final adoption hearing.  Below is the language scheduled for the BCC Public Hearing to consider transmittal to the Department of Economic Opportunity. The proposed amendment was transmitted to the Department of Economic Opportunity for review. The DEO had no comments. The adoption hearing by the CCPC on November 18 recommended approval by the BCC and is scheduled to be heard by the Board of County Commissioners, tentatively scheduled for February 22, 2022.

Proposed Bonus Density Pool Amendment-Comprehensive Plan Amendment – Bonus Density

  1. Revisions to the Land Development Code and Administrative Code. Proposed changes are reviewed by Growth Management Staff, Development Services Advisory Committee, the Planning Commission prior to presentation to the BCC for adoption.  Revisions are made based on comments received. The Development Services Advisory Committee reviewed the proposed changes and approved the changes with some minor changes.

The LDC changes were presented and reviewed at the November 18, 2021 CCPC meeting and recommended approval with minor changes. The Board of County Commissioners will hold a hearing on the Land Development Code changes. First reading – tentative February 22, 2022.

Proposed Land Development Code Changes- CCPC Agenda Items; PL20210001222 – Bayshore CRA Updates 

Previous Meeting Materials: 

August 4 2021 August 4 2021 DSAC Agenda Packet_compressed

July 2021 Proposed Changes Limited Density Bonus Pool LDCA July 2021

July 2021 Response Memo and Proposed Changes – Land Development Code Amendments July 2021 with Response Letter

1-11-21 Proposed Regulatory Changes

Updates to Regulatory Changes Presentation- Regulatory Changes 01-11-21 CRA AB Presentation

Agenda Packet 11-12-20 CRA-AB Special Meeting
November 12th presentation- 11-12-20 CRA Land Use Regulatory Changes Presentation
10-29-20 Meeting Agenda Packet
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