Demolitions and Code Compliance.

There have been multiple demolitions of sub-standard residential structures over the last two years. Numerous trailers in the Bayshore Drive area and seven single family homes in both the Bayshore and Triangle areas. All single family homes and four mobile homes were the result of code enforcement cases. The street locations are Francis Avenue, Pelton, Becca Avenue, Karen Drive, Van Buren, Lunar Street and Harvest. Also a nuisance property filled with litter on Karen Drive was cleaned up. An additional measure taken by the CRA was the removal of two homeless encampments: one on the CRA-owned 17 acres off Bayshore Drive and the other under the Bayshore Drive bridge over Haldeman Creek. The best term to be used for the “stuff” that was removed is ‘people debris’, a full 30 yard dumpster full taken to the landfill. 
Residential Redevelopment – A Vision for the Future.
The CRA has been busy acquiring properties throughout the Redevelopment Area with plans to build new housing and a new cultural arts center in the near-future. The CRA intends to solicit proposals from builders to construct new housing. Acquiring this land is only the first step in realizing the goal of residential revitalization. The homes shall be moderately priced, offering home ownership opportunities for teachers, city and county employees, police, and similar professionals.