Did You Know?

Bayshore Beautification MSTU Mission and Goals Remain unchanged

At the June 1, 2011 meeting of the Bayshore Beutification MSTU advisory committee, the committee decided unanamously to maintain their existing mission and goals.  Below are the Goals and the mission statement. 

Mission Statement: 

The Committee provides leadership to develop a visually pleasant and pedestrian friendly community. 


  • Continue to evolve the goals for a better Bayshore community.
  • Market the Bayshore community.
  • Encourage responsive relationships within the community.
  • Create a plan to display public art in the Bayshore community.
  • Address streetscape issues in the right-of-way.
  • Create a strategy to beautify the Bayshore community.
  • Recognize sustainability when contemplating projects.
  • Support economic development that is consistent with a broad vision for the Bayshore community.
  • Pursue projects in accordance with a Capital Improvement Plan.