Did You Know?

Bayshore Beautification MSTU to take next steps in alleviating Karen Drive flooding

Historically, Karen Drive (a residential side street located near the Naples Botanical Garden off of South Bayshore) has experienced flooding, standing water and poor drainage during high rainfalls. The 2013 rainy season left the street under water for months, with water approaching homes and flooding yards and driveways. In September 2013, the CRA hired local engineering firm Grady Minor to prepare a drainage review ($6,250) that confirmed the conditions and made recommendations to eliminate or reduce the localized flooding. In a partnership with the Bayshore Gateway Triangle CRA, the Bayshore Beautification MSTU will fund the next step to alleviate flooding. They have contracted again with Grady Minor to design the recommended improvements, including storm piping and catch basins (design cost: $25,120). Additionally, the CRA/MSTU staff has applied for a Disaster Recovery Initiative grant through the Housing, Human and Veterans Services Department. The DRI funding comes from the Housing and Urban Development department of the federal government.  The smount of the grant application to construct the improvements is $154,120.  More information will be available in coming months.

 Karen Drive